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Tokyo Travel Diary 2018

Vydia RishieComment
Tokyo Travel Diary 2018

Currently in...Tokyo, Japan


My first trip to Japan was nothing short of magical...

Looking back on Sam and I's first trip to Japan, I can't help but think slash SCHEDULE another adventure back. 

Where to stay: Sam and I stayed at a beautiful hotel in Ginza called The Celestine. Not only was the hotel in a great location, close to numerous shopping strips/centres, amazing architecture, but also Tokyo's main train station (aka your holy grail to getting around!). If you're into spacious and calm spaces, in what is essentially a very tiny and hectic city, this is the place for you.

Where to shop: Shopping will be the least of your worries, because as I quickly found out, there are amazing shops, vintage consignments and high street faves around every single corner. Think the city centre for shopping centre faves (a 5 story Zara, flagship H&M, etc), Ginza for all your high end dreams (Saint Laurent, Fendi, Dior - the most beautiful store fronts that'll make you think you're in NY), and Shibuya for all things street (Supreme, BAPE, Rinkan - a store filled with Yeezy, Off-white and Vetements; major major vibes!). If you're after typical Japanese culture, don't forget Harajuku. 

Where to eat: Sam and I had one thing on our minds when it came to food in Tokyo - RAMEN OR NOTHING. As we went in January when the weather is at a consistent 10 degrees (freeezing!), sushi or anything raw and cold was the furthest thing from our minds/stomachs! It had to be hot, hot and more hot. Basically you don't need my advice in this aspect, everything tastes good. 

Where to play: One word. Disneyland. 

Have you been to Japan before? If so, I would love to hear about it!


x Vydia