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VAMFF 2017 x Mercedes Benz

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VAMFF 2017 x Mercedes Benz

VAMFF 2017 x Mercedes Benz


Day 1

Boy do I LOVE fashion week!

I'm so thrilled to be able to partner with Mercedes Benz this year to bring you all my favourite moments from Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2017. Cars and fashion go hand in hand for me as I'm all about embracing style in all aspects of your life (yep! It definitely goes beyond what you wear on your back!), and to be honest - it doesn't get more stylish than Mercedes Benz. The GLC 250d I've been cruising around in for the past couple weeks has set the perfect backdrop for all the fun at this year's festival - let's just say driving in peak hour Melbourne traffic to the Royal Exhibition Building is actually a pleasure this time ha!

The Opening Gala runway supported by Vogue definitely set the tone for a stylish week ahead. It's always a thrill to see Aussie designers on runways and being able to shop the runway? Even better. 

If you need a recap of trends, here's a little style summary:
- Red, red, red: go all out with a monotone look or with accents of colour via stockings and hats
- Crisp whites: tailored looks with an edge, all about straight lines and being a boss
- Embellishments: it's all in the detail so think embroidery, intricate patterns and lace

Day 2

Day two done!

Another fashion day done with Mercedes Benz at VAMFF. This year's festival has proved to be bigger than ever and it's so lovely to see so many friends and (super stylish!) strangers come together - very proud Melbournian right here! My GLC SUV has been getting a massive workout with me putting together looks, sourcing new labels and meeting with designers all week - thank god for the huge boot space (and automatic open/close button!). 

Check out all the backstage action from Runway 1 presented by Vogue below - as much as I love runway pics which I'm sure you've all seen all over insta, my faveee moments have to be the candid (and hectic) ones found backstage! 

Make sure you head down to the Mercedes Benz activation hub on site at VAMFF, it's such a beautiful setting to take a selfie on the swing and also enter into the draw to win an incredible Melbourne experience pack with Mercedes Benz. 

Day 3

No time to be tired!

I have been dyinnng for some cold weather in Melbourne for the past few days just so I could get into some pants (my fave).  Frills were the theme for the day and I had to bring back my fave corset, in blush this time, by my Adelaide friend Katya Komarova. Absolutely adore this look.

A big thank you to Mercedes Benz for another amazing day.

We had an incredibly fun time at the Next runway before being whisked away for the Camilla and Marc Grand Showcase. Such a beautifully styled runway so make sure you check out the cool backstage moments below x

Day 4

Day 4 done = VAMFF 17 done!!

I definitely saved one of my favourite looks (of all time? yeah I think so!) for my last day at VAMFF with Mercedes Benz and Talulah. This Talulah number (the colour + silhouette + pearl detail) is just to die for and paired with this amazing Melbourne weather we're having at the moment = perfection! Hope you caught all the action when I took over Talulah's instagram story.

As always, have a look at my highlights backstage below - I loved the colour palette and textures (floral appliqué and velvet just to name a couple!) in Runway 4 presented by Shop Til You Drop.

A huge thank you to Mercedes Benz for a fun festival for 2017 along with the lovely designers/friends who dressed me each day - Asilio, Isla, Cmeo Collective and Talulah - we killed it this year!! Already can't wait for next time!

Photos by Katie Fergus (@katie.fergus), Liz Sunshine (@streetsmith), Lucas Dawson (@lucasdawsonphotography), Karen Woo (@heykarenwoo) & The Trend Spotter (@thetrendspotter)


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