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Happy New Year

Vydia RishieComment
Happy New Year

Happy NY 2017


Happy New Year cool kids!


Hope you all had an amazing and refreshing holiday break, filled with lots of well deserved play (haha definitely me). I absolutely cannot wait to get stuck into 2017, and I'm even more excited that I get to share it with you all - think lots more parties, outfits, behind the scenes, styling and more talking from me.

I always love hearing what you have to say, so as always, make sure you drop me a comment or message here or on insta and let me know what you're loving and what you want to see more of on The VR Verdict.

And just to clarify my social media platforms - here they are (and nothing else haha)!

  • Instagram - @vydia / @badgalvyri (if you want a little sneak peek into the life beyond fashion)
  • Snapchat - vydiarishie
  • Twitter - theVRverdict
  • Tumblr - theVRverdict
  • Pinterest - theVRverdict


x Vydia