Sunday, 7 February 2016

Editorial | Aje

"Note to self - get more Aje in the wardrobe" 

I'm almost 100% certain that if DJ Khaled manifested himself in a 24 year old socialite, that's exactly what he'd be saying aka Aje is the key to success. Coming from my Indian heritage I'm no stranger to embellishments, which is exactly why I love the detailing gone into every sequinned up and embroidered Aje piece. Throw in linen to the mix, and you're no doubt calling my name. 

Here are some of my favourite Aje pieces, or as I like to call them 'wardrobe builders' - they're the pieces you gravitate towards when you need extra excitement. Your usual style, but amplified.

Styled and Shot by Vydia Rishie

Dress Aje // Hat Lack of Colour // Bag Novo // Shoes Siren
Dress Aje // Cuff Hermes // Shoes Siren
Dress Aje // Shoes Siren

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