Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Entrecôte Melbourne

Being born and bred in Melbourne, I'm all about embodying our cheeky food and lifestyle culture of not having to walk or drive too far to find somewhere amazing to eat and hang out. And as much as I love exploring on Sydney trips and just travelling in general - I'm secretly completely content with having Kettle Black, Crabapple Kitchen, and Pillar of Salt just around the corner. 

And to add to the list right now is Entrecôte (133 Domain Rd, South Yarra). Spoiled is an understatement. 

If you've driven past the Botanical Gardens just on Domain Rd recently, you would've seen the iconic red bike and accents on this new Parisian style cafe/steakhouse. The exteriors definitley caught my eye whilst running (umm...more walking and talking) the tan and I HAD to check it out. And just a heads up, this WILL become your new after-the-tan-run/walk/talk hangout!  

So when I'm talking owners - Jason Jones (think Stables of Como, Snow Pony, and another favourite Friends of Mine) and Adam North (i.e. the brains behind Hopkins River Beef - the BEST in town), I really don't need to say much else; this place is on point from a chic post-workout brunch (love the summer fruits and french toast) to an #out #of #control dinner and rosé (the steak frites all the way btw). Speaking of the actual food, Simon Moss, the head chef, is amazing. 

And you all know how much I love my interiors and Entrecôte definitely doesn't disappoint. French doors, black and white settings, dark floors, modern lighting - Jason, David Flack and Adam have ticked all my interior boxes.

Thanks so much to Adam North (@adamhenrynorth) and Jason Jones (@jmj6966) for taking care of us!

Visit Entrecôte's website here