Monday, 15 December 2014

Outfit Of The Day 14.12.14

If you've been following me on insta lately, you would 100% know that I've been loving the whole skirt over the pants look. I can understand it can be a bit of a polarising look (like jeans underneath dresses - which I've also been low key loving, but only with maxi dresses though!) but I definitely think it's a look you should try out yourself before you knock it. I've been obsessed lately!

Love this look featuring some amazing staple pieces from River Island. Plaid shirts never go out of style for me, and I love that I've managed to find a (mostly) black version. Let's talk about this clutch though - AMAZING! I recently took it with me to Polo in the City and had everyone and their horses asking where it was from. It's definitley a statement piece that I think works so well with the overall minimal and all black look.

Photos by Abana Sohtra (@asohtra)

SHIRT: Check Loose Fit Shirt (available here) | SKIRT: Black Textured Split Front Wrap Skirt (available here) | PANTS: Black Coated Molly Jeggings (available here)CLUTCH: Black Embellished Box Clutch (available here) | HEELS: Roc Boots

Visit River Island website here and also Shopping Links site here