Friday, 26 December 2014

Ms. Soho Skin Diary

My NY resolutions each year never fails to include "taking better care of my skin" - and this year is no different. And I know this is such a common resolution for most of us especially coming out of the hectic EOY/party season. Which is why I've taken it upon myself to test out some skincare products that I've heard so much about recently - Ms. Soho (a Melbourne brand!). I've been on a Ms. Soho kick for the past couple of weeks, testing out - and most importantly, relaxing - with my 5 day Beautitox and gold Collagen Cleanse masks. 

I thought it'd be cute to set this blog post out diary style, filling you in on my thoughts about each mask (that I had written down that day) while I kept every other element of my everyday skincare routine the same. And for those of you who haven't had a read of my skincare posts in the past, a heads up on my face - it's hella dry but generally pretty clear besides a few post acne marks on the sides of my cheeks (just in case you needed a reminder to never pick at your skin - here's mine!). And if you're interested on what products I generally like, make sure you check out more of my skincare posts here

Let's begin!

DAY ONE: Aloe Vera - Calms and soothes skin, fades any redness and blemishes, and begins to activate and regenerate cells. 

Ok so this is the first of the 5 beautitox detoxifying masks - loving the sound of this already. I found the Aloe mask (fyi all the masks come in a paper sheet like material soaked in the formula) to be the perfect introductory mask, perfect for dry and sensitive skins. The lazy in me is so happy that this isn't a "paste" mask - it's super easy to use and washing my face after is a breeze. My skin was left feeling super clean and fresh (after having the mask on for 20-30 minutes) - with no heavy feeling at all. 

DAY TWO: Grape - Powerfully nourishes skin to reduce fine lines, restore firmness and promote anti-ageing 

I'm a huge fan of anti-ageing products, and although I'm 23 I figured that it's never too early to start preventing. Something I've noticed with these masks (and with any mask in general), the best results are the ones you see the day after using the mask. Another note - the fragrance of these masks are definitley mild and not overpowering at all, which I love. This mask was definitely a favourite of mine - loved that it made my skin feel super nourished and hydrated and also left a glow to my skin - something I really needed after all the late nights and over indulgence during party season! 

DAY THREE: Blackberry - Extracts grime and dirt from the skin to thoroughly detox your pores, whilst balancing oils

Definitely the powerful detoxing mask of the bunch - blackberry is known for being super high in antioxidants and having a detoxifying effect not only on the skin but for the body as well. I found this mask to be slightly drying for my skin - but not anything super irritating or anything. Unlike the other masks, I felt this one needed moisturising after. However, it definitely did the trick of making my skin feel super clean and radiant.

DAY FOUR: Fig - Softens the harshness of skin in order to help brighten and shine the complexion

Absolutely love this mask! As I mentioned before, my super dry skin drank this stuff up. And just a little trick - if you feel like your mask is drying out a little, just give it a quick spritz with a hydrating mist - I love the Kosmea Rose Water Mist or even MAC Fix Plus. I left this mask on for longer than usual (about 40 minutes) while I caught up on some much needed TV time. My skin was left feeling super super super radiant and soft, and I think the extra hydration that I've had all week from the previous masks has definitley evened out my skin tone and faded some of my post acne marks.

My favourite mask of the week! 

DAY FIVE: Green Olive - Replenishes moisture into the skin to hydrate and refresh, whilst suppling and reserving collagen 

Just like the Fig mask, I found the Green Olive to be ultra hydrating and softening. Something I love about these masks are that they feel super light on the skin, never leaving a greasy residue or feeling heavy on my dry skin.

So now that the 5 day detox is done, my skin texture has completely changed to a really smooth and soft texture, and I can tell that my skin has evened out A LOT. One of the best benefits of taking better care of your skin is that your makeup then looks 10 times better! Perfect for all the parties still to come. 

Beautitox Five Day Skin Detoxification | $34.00 | available here 

Now onto the three-day Collagen Cleanse. After seeing so many insta pics featuring these masks, I HAD to give them a road test for myself. And after seeing the results, I was defs pleasantly surprised. The collagen cleanse consists of 3 masks per set (for three days). I alternated between the Facial Elasticity mask and the Lip Plump for three days straight and then the Eye Firmer for another three consecutive days. The absolute standout for me were the lip and face masks - absolutely loved these! The masks are made from a smooth gel like material which are soaked in the gold collagen formula - super hydrating and comfortable to wear. After leaving each mask on for around 30 minutes - the results were instant. I have super dry lips (no matter the season) and the lip mask definitely did the trick of moisturising my lips and naturally making them appear plumper! Definitely will be purchasing these again - they are such a great treat for dry lips and perfect pre makeup for making your lipstick glide on. The face masks did the same trick of ultra hydrating the skin and giving an overall glow. My skin definitley felt plumper and smoother after the three days!

Collagen Cleanse Facial Elasticity $32.00 (available here) | Collagen Cleanse Lip Plump $25.00 (available here) | Collagen Cleanse Eye Firmer $22.00 (available here)

Visit the Ms. Soho website here