Friday, 24 October 2014

Flemington Forecast | Derby

Derby Day is just around the corner (in 4 days to be exact!), and I happen to be only slightly excited. It's the first official day of Flemington and the day is dedicated to monochromatic attire - what's not to love! 

You all know how much I love my black on black looks, so I've paired this amazing faux leather pleated skirt from Maurie & Eve with Suboo's much loved cutout rashie (I've worn this soo many times as a top and it never fails to get compliments). I'm actually wearing the skirt higher than it's meant to be worn (which is quite low at the hips) to help minimise the amount of skin on show (unfortunately didn't work out to plan since you can see a little midriff, naughty me - but I DEFINITELY suggest sticking to the VRC dress code of no midriffs showing if you're a member or in the Birdcage!).

I finished the look off with another one of Danica Erard's amazing creations - love the shape of this headpiece and I think it's always great to break up and soften an all black look with a little white.  

Photos by Abana Sohtra (@asohtra)

TOP: Suboo (available here) | SKIRT: Maurie & Eve (available here) SHOES: Wanted (available here) | HEADWEAR: Danica Erard Millinery (contact here for availability)