Friday, 18 July 2014

Styling Silver...

I've gone back to my love of silver. Now don't get my wrong, I still live for my rose gold of course, but there's something about the effortlessness and simplicity of silver jewellery - it just goes with everything AND everyone (silver works on all skin tones).

So I decided to style some new pieces that have just landed on my desk that I'm loving from The Accessory Store and 8 Other Reasons! First off, the ear cuff I'm wearing above (shop similar here). I've never been a huge fan of earrings, but I do make an exception for ear cuffs (it's one of my go to pieces for events). And I particularly love this one - it's more on the simplistic side as opposed to some of the more extravagant ones I've seen. Push your hair to one side and you're good to go, probably one of the easiest ways to transform and dress up your look!

If you're following me on insta, you would know how much I love my thin rings on all fingers. They're everyday essentials! The ones I'm wearing below (available here) come in a set of 10, all in different sizes. I decided to pair them up with these solid band rings (available here). It's a random look and that's what I love, there's no right or wrong as to which ring goes on what finger. The more mismatched, the better in my opinion! They also come in gold as well, which I'm thinking I need next now!

Photos by Abana Sohtra (@asohtra)

Visit The Accessory Store here

Hope that gave you a few styling tips and inspiration! Love to hear your thoughts on your everyday essential jewellery x