Friday, 4 July 2014

Face Mapping with Dermalogica

I needed a skincare overhaul. I'll be the first to admit balancing uni, a blog, remnants of a social life (haha), EXAMS and catching up on episodes of Suits has allowed me to make a million and one excuses for neglecting my skin recently. However, now that uni and exams are done, I've officially got my priorities in order and first off the list (besides celebrating never having to open another textbook again!) is getting my skin and skincare routine in check.

I recently got my face "mapped" as part of Dermalogica's latest campaign Face Map Our Nation. To fill you in quickly,  face mapping is an analysis of the skin by dividing the face into 14 different zones and examining or "reading" the skin. So basically the different areas/zones of your face have certain characteristics and provide an indication of your internal organ health. Interesting hey! The great thing about face mapping is that it allows your skin therapist to determine the varying conditions on your face (i.e. your jaw area may be congested but your cheeks are dry, etc), and tailor a routine that addresses each concern. I've found that it's the closest thing you'll get to devising the PERFECT skin care routine!

If you've read any of previous skin care posts you would know my skin is hella dry and I have a few marks from picking at my skin (I've learned my lesson now - leave your skin alone no matter how tempting it is!). So I'm all about hydration, brightening up my skin so it doesn't look so dull and tired and evening out the tone and texture. 

The Face Mapping treatment began with my lovely skin therapist Lisa, from Dermalogica HQ in South Melbourne, giving my skin a thorough cleanse and then examining my skin going zone by zone. I discovered I've got a bit of hydration around my eyes (due to a lack of drinking water, my bad) and of course some pigmentation on my cheeks and forehead (from too much "wining and dining" as Lisa put it, also my bad), but overall my skin wasn't as terrible as I thought (thank the lord!). After the face mapping, I was then treated to a beautiful hydrating treatment (with one of the best masks for dry skin, I've talked about this more below). The facial was by far one of the best treatments I've had in a very long time, Lisa is a magician! 

And here was my diagnosis:
Key Concerns - Dullness, Dehydration, Uneven Skintone
Dermalogica Solutions - 
I mentioned to Lisa that my skin gets super dry and tight especially getting out of the shower and she recommended this cleanser from the ChromaWhite range which is designed to accelerate brightening and improve skin tone. I've found that it's really gentle (doesn't foam too much so it still has that creamy texture) but I've still seen a big difference in the texture and evenness of my skin, thanks to the Lactic Acid and Vitamin C. 

I'm absolutely in LOVE with this serum, it's completely non greasy and perfect worn under makeup. One of the mistakes I used to make in my routine was skipping out on hydration so that I could ensure my makeup stayed matte (I'm really not a dewy skin kinda person). This hydration booster totally solves the issue by giving intense moisture but still keeping the skin looking matte.

This is holy grail! If you have dry skin and are looking for a really nice luxurious mask, this is it. It's packed full of vitamins and best of all it also works as an overnight treatment so you pop it on at night and let it sink in. I've been using it twice a week and have seen the biggest difference - no more dry winter skin! Just a bit of a warning - it has a slight yellow tinge to it so I recommend putting down a towel on your pillows in case you roll around at night like me! 

I highly recommend the treatment to you all, it's a great way to learn about your skin and take the guess work out of what your skin actually needs. Best of all it's free (just head to your nearest Dermalogica stockist)! 

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