Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How To | My "Perfectly Imperfect" Curls

Jill Stuart Fall 2014 RTW

One of my most asked questions recently has been all about my hair. I've changed up a few products over the last few weeks (which I've been loving and will let you all know in a separate post coming up soon) but I've also been using a new curling iron which I'm sure is my new holy grail. If you've read my previous hair posts you know how much I love the effortless waves, a bit unkempt but still polished. My hair is naturally pin straight and super shiny, so of course I love the matte, messy and textured look (you always want what you cant have right!).

The key to achieving this look is all in the curling wand. My Modiva Professional Curling Wand has been my go-to heat tool for a while now, and I seriously cant imagine using another wand. It's the first conical wand (i.e doesn't have a clip) that's 32mm that I've seen going around. 32mm is perfect if you have medium to long hair and want that very loose but polished wave. I've found that the 38mm is just too big and my curls drop by the end of the day. If you have shorter hair (just below shoulder length and above), I highly recommend the 25mm. These waves, with a little product, last until my next wash (which is usually 2 or 3 days). I've found that the more quality your heat tools are, the longer your hair style lasts. And for someone who is as time poor (and ironically lazy as well) as me, that is perfection. 
1. Muk Spa Argan Oil Treatment (available here) | 2. Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist (available here) | 3. Modiva 32mm Professional Curling Iron (available here) | 4. L'Oreal Techni.Art Fresh Dust (available here)

So after I wash my hair and have it towel dried to about 80% dry, I like to put in a few drops of the Muk Spa Argan Oil. My hair literally soaks this stuff up, perfect for anyone with dry or colour treated hair! I'll then dry off my hair till it's 100% dry with a hair drier set on high heat (a nozzle is a must as well, so that the heat is concentrated). I always dry my hair with the nozzle facing down, never with my head upside down or anything - this just creates unwanted frizz. So after my hair is dry, I'll usually leave it for a few minutes before lightly spraying some heat protector all throughout and combing it through to make sure it's evenly distrubted. I'm not too fussy on heat protectants, I think they all do the same job basically, but I've been enjoying the Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist (and the smell is great too!).
So now it's time to get curling! Here are a few of my tips for getting that effortless look right every time:
- Start by parting your hair however way you like and brushing your hair through to get rid of any knots. I always find that the middle part looks best
- Dont be too worried about sectioning your hair perfectly, however it does make it easier when you clip sections away just so you don't forget what still needs to be curled. I definitley recommend sectioning your hair if you have a lot of it!
- Taking a section that's about a few centimetres wide (this will obviously change depending on your style, just find what works best!). Don't be too fussed about the size of your sections, it doesn't matter if they're not all uniform - it all adds to the messiness. 
- Curl away from your face AT ALL TIMES. If I'm curling the right side of my hair, I like to hold the wand in my left hand and vice versa. The Modiva wand heats up super hot and super quick, and it also comes with a heat resistant glove if you're accident prone!
- I like to leave my ends straight - I don't wrap the entire length of my hair around the barrel (I start about 10 cm from the top of my head and leave about 5cm out). This is definitely a key tip for the look!
- After you've curled all your hair (away from the face), leave them to cool (i.e. don't touch them!). If a section is looking too curled, just pull on the end to loosen it up a bit, but don't be too worried as these waves drop naturally to an even more beautiful effortless look as the day goes on.
- Spray with a little finishing product - hairspray or shine spray - if you need it. I find the less product you use, the better. I do however, like to spray a little bit of dry shampoo to create some texture and keep the top looking matte. I've tried my fair share of dry shampoos but nothing so far has really stood out as absolutely amazing. They all do the trick in my opinion, but I've been loving the L'Oreal Techni.Art Fresh Dust because of how lightweight it feels.
- Run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls and give it a little scrunch, and you're done! 

I hope that helped some of you out! If you have any more specific questions on any of the steps or anything, make sure you leave it in the comments so I can get back to you!