Friday, 27 December 2013

Ask Vydia | Party Dresses for New Years

Hi Vydia Merry Christmas! Would you be able to do a blog post on party dresses for new years. I love your blog and your style, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much xx Lottie

Hey gorgeous, do you have any ideas for what to wear to christmas/new year parties? I'm looking for something short but still elegant and classy, and definitely something that wont break the bank! Love to hear your thoughts. Love, Tahlia 


1. Dion Lee Vertigo Backless Dress $990.00 (available here) | 2. Sass and Bide Make a Reservation Embellished Dress $290.00 (available here) | 3. Winston Wolfe Lady Luck T Shirt Dress $650.00 (available here)

Depending on how all out you want to go to welcome the new year in, a statement piece would work great for most if not all social settings (no matter what you consider to be "statement" - i.e. a bold colour, embellishment, etc). I've always been a fan of high necklines as it tends to give a more classic and sophisticated vibe. As always, I can't go past my fave colour, black, so I'm loving Dion Lee's amazing backless knee length dress with the criss cross feature on the front. Just the right amount of cut out too! Keeping with the black, I've had my eye on this Winston Wolfe t shirt dress since the collection dropped. The croc embossed leather is absolutely to die for and would be perfect if you want a look that's more edgy and rock chick as opposed to the flowy and feminine look. If you're after a bit of colour (and I really mean a bit since it's only metallic!), I love love love this gold, almost bronzy, Sass and Bide number. And guess what? It's on sale from $890.00! That's reason enough... 

1. Camilla and Marc Black Square Lace Dress $465.00 (available here)  | 2. Cameo Real Life Dress $209.95 (available here) | 3. Camilla and Marc Invocation Dress $430.00 (available here)

This Cameo dress is my absolute pick of the bunch. I'm in love with Cameo's most recent collection, featuring the exclusive botanical print. I'm not usually a huge floral person, but this print is beyond gorgeous, especially against the white background. 

1. Bec & Bridge Kathy Mesh Body Dress $250.00 (available here)  | 2. Cameo All My Days Dress $179.95 (available here| 3. Willow Tulle Corset Dress $750.00 (available here)

If you want to stick with what you rock best (nothing wrong with that at all!), you cant, in no way shape or form, go wrong with monochrome. I LOVE this Bec & Bridge dress and love the back detailing even more, and if you haven't seen it, make sure you click on the link above to have a look at it from all angles, you'll love! For something a bit more dressy (and insanely chic), this corset dress from Willow is divine. I'm a huge fan of the corset look for a night out, and love the black tulle overlay. I would keep accessories to a bare minimum if not nothing with this one.  

Hope that was helpful and gave you a few ideas on what to wear to your NYE parties. Have an amazing and safe NY!