Saturday, 23 November 2013

Ask Vydia | Jewellery Favourites + Silkstonewood Q&A

Hi Vydia I love your style and was wondering if you could do a blog post on some of your favourite jewellery and what type of pieces you like to wear. What are your favourite brands for jewellery? Love Kara xxxxx

You all probably figured it out by now but I'm OBSESSED with rose gold everything. I think it particularly looks good on bronzed skin as it has a tendency to somewhat enhance a tan! I'm not a very picky person when it comes to jewellery labels, I find that you can uncover some real treasures from all ends of the spectrum - even from Lovisa to Net-a-Porter.   

Here are some of my current favourite pieces from my collection...
Left to right
1. Liberte Rose Gold Cuff (available here) | 2. Liberte Rose Gold Collar (available here) | 3. Carly Paiker Rose Gold Aztec Friendship Bracelet (available here) | 4. Carly Paiker Rose Gold Love Stone Friendship Bracelet (available here) | 5. LUX by TSN Rose Gold Bangle (available here)
Left to right
1. Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer Gold Nimue Bracelet (available here) | 2. LUX by TSN Evil Eye Necklace | 3. House of Ivy Personalised Capri Bracelets (contact here) | 4. Grace and Scarper Initial Necklace (available here| 5. Grace and Scarper Multi Star Necklace (available here)

Left to right
1. A Peace Treaty Coiled Silver Choker (available here) | 2. Lovisa Ear Cuff (available here) | 3. Rue Gembon Silver Circle Charm Necklace (available here) | 4. Celeste Tesoriero Rose Gold and Silver Ring Set (available here| 5. Lovisa Assorted Rings (shop here)

I'm in love with anything personalised, so I instantly fell in love with my Grace and Scarper initial necklace and House of Ivy initial bracelet, and with the holiday season fast approaching, these pieces would be the perfect gift to give if you're after something unique and thoughtful. I'm also a huge fan of fine rings on each finger, and I've found some great pieces from Lovisa and silkstonewood. My favourite are these set of 3 half rose gold/half silver rings from Celeste Tesoriero from silkstonewood, love the versatility of the two metals.  

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Meredith, the creative force behind one of my favourite online stores silkstonewood, to discuss fashion with a conscience, designers we need to keep an eye out for, and of course all the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2014...

Your online store is beautiful, talk us through the silkstonewood story and how it all came to life.
I created silkstonewood because I wanted to do something that was aligned to my values. I have a background in retail fashion merchandising. I love fashion and design, but I also care deeply about the environment, human and animal rights and am inspired by the work of charities such as Amnesty International, The Australian Conservation Foundation (who silkstonewood donates to monthly) and Animals Australia. This is where my passion for ethically produced products has stemmed from.

What is the philosophy behind SSW, especially the concept of ethical style?
silkstonewood offers a contemporary collection of jewellery and lifestyle pieces, handpicked from independent Australian and international designers. All the collections at silkstonewood are ethically made – which means the artisans who make the goods are paid and treated fairly, which in turn enables them to develop their trade and prosper. In addition, as I’m a vegetarian it is important to me that silkstonewood only offers pieces that are free of animal products such as leather, suede and fur.   

Describe the ultimate SSW girl/muse
I think the silkstonewood customer loves fashion but isn’t a slave to it – she has a strong sense of her own style. She likes to invest in quality and loves to not only look good, but feel good about what she buys too.

What process do you go through when choosing which designers and pieces to stock online?
Each designer I stock has their own unique style, but at the same time each range has to complement the other. Before I start working with a new designer, I find out how their products are made and who makes them to ensure the brand fits within the silkstonewood ethos.
I do wear many pieces from the collection. My own personal style is fairly understated and I love classic, well tailored pieces and layering with jewellery.

What is your favourite label/designer currently stocked at SSW and which designers should we keep an eye out for?
They are all very special in their own way. I personally love Noot for its modern, asymmetrical shapes, soft feminine necklaces and bracelets. Each piece is made by hand in a tiny studio in Paris; it is a unique collection and exclusive in Australia to silkstonewood. At the moment I’m also loving the rock n’ roll goes glam aesthetic of Bones and Feathers Collective, each piece is created using recycled brass and gold.

What trends do you see emerging on the jewellery front for Spring/Summer 2014?
Raw stones and crystals are a key trend and a really chic way to add a boho feel to your look, think Pushmataaha, The 2 Bandits, A Peace Treaty and the raw hand-cut crystal necklaces from Maripossa and Bones and Feathers Collective.
Layering jewellery is also a gorgeous laid back look for summer, wearing different length necklaces, stacked cuffs, bracelets and rings too. This look can be achieved with just about any of the pieces at silkstonewood.
Metallics are another important trend for spring/summer and if you’re not ready to shimmer from head to toe, you can try this trend using jewellery and accessories. Look for collections from Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer, Noot, Mettle Fair Trade and the classic cut pieces from Celeste Tesoriero.

 What can we expect to see in the near future from SSW?
I will continue to source new and independent designers to ensure the collection continues to evolve, as well as showcase our current designers that continue to do amazing things. I’m really excited about the new collections that have just arrived from Bones and Feathers, Eleanor Bolton and The 2 Bandits. 

Visit the silkstonewood website here