Monday, 7 October 2013

Outfit Of The Day 23.09.13

I've been obsessed with these leopard print Supras ever since I laid eyes on them on the Urban Outfitters website. But like all things (and knowing my luck!), they were out of stock! So of course I managed to pull out some detective skills I didn't even know I had and managed to get my hands on a pair from Aus Supra HQ. And as superficial as it sounds, I couldn't have been more excited after my long search! I don't joke about sneakers.

So what better look to pull off with my new Supras than a typical sports luxe inspired outfit. I'm loving this LIFEwithBIRD black shift dress with sheer panel detailing. I've been all about the midi/below the knee length for skirts and dresses lately, and love the casual look when paired with simple sandals. Perfect for the warmer days! However, since this is Melbourne, my fave Indiana by Freda leather jacket needed to be on hand just in case the weather turned on us. Which it eventually did of course...    

Photos by Abana Sohtra (@asohtra)

DRESS: LIFEwithBIRD (available here) | JACKET: Indiana by Freda (available here) | SHOES: Supra | ACCESSORIES: Rue Gembon Rose Gold Infinity Bracelet (available here) & Rue Gembon Rose Gold Infinity Necklace (available here)