Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How I Style My Hair

I get asked almost daily how I style my hair. To me, it's one of the easiest and quickest parts of my routine so I'm always really surprised whenever I get asked. First of all, creating the effortless waves look is super easy if you've got the right haircut. My hairdresser knows that I always wear my hair in waves so he specifically cuts it to look naturally piecey and soft whenever I style it. I'm also lucky that my hair holds a curl really well, so I only use heat on my hair max twice a week. 

On to equipment, I'm a huge fan of clamp-less curling wands. They are so much easier and quicker to use than those with the clamps. They are basically fool proof! 

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As you all know, a haircare brand that I totally rate and rely on is Muk. I'm in LOVE with the Curl Stick which comes with 3 different barrel sizes - perfect for any look and hair length. I like my curls to be big and loose so I always use the largest barrel in the set at the lowest heat setting too which is 130 degrees. In general, the size of the barrel equals the looseness of the curl. So the larger the barrel, the looser the curl. But this all depends on your hair length, the shorter your hair the smaller the barrel should be. I have a 3cm barrel curler which looked great when I had super long hair but was useless when I cut my hair to shoulder length. And just on a little side note, I dont use a straightener to curl my hair ever - it's just way too easy to use a curler instead so why bother right? But I do love the Muk Style Stick Straightener. LOVE the fact that you can digitally control the heat which varies from a super low 90 degrees to a huge 230. Muk products are insanely technologically advanced (e.g. embedded infrared lights!), but put very simply they get the job done EXTREMELY well, quick and in my opinion, with the least damage that heat could possibly produce.  

So onto how I style my hair...
1. Starting off with dry hair and before applying any heat, you want to work in a good heat protector all throughout. I prefer spraying a couple of pumps of the Muk Thermal Protector onto my hands first and then working it into how ever many sections of hair you have. Sometimes spraying the hair directly gets it too damp and takes longer to dry. I usually split my hair straight down the middle (I always part my hair in the middle) from the front to the back and work on either the right or left side. I'm not huge on sectioning my hair into accurate and perfect little pieces because it's meant to look messy and not too try hard. 

2. Now that my hair is sectioned into 2 and the heat protectant has fully dried, it's time to start curling. I like to pick up random BIG pieces (once again not too worried about using bobby pins to pin back pieces, etc) and wrap the hair going AWAY from the face. I think it's really important to curl towards the back so it opens and frames your face. If I'm working on the right side I hold the curler (always pointing downwards) in my left hand and wrap the hair around using my right hand. I then switch hands when I move onto the left side. 

3. Dont touch your curls! Leave everything as is until you're done curling your entire head. Give your hair a couple of minutes to cool down and set before you start brushing them out and adding more products. If you've curled a piece and realised it's too curly, simply pull on the end of it so it immediately loosens the curl. I do this all the time and it's one of the best tricks.

4. Once I've brushed out the curls to loosen them (if you find your hair doesn't hold curls very well, run your fingers through them instead as there's less pulling on the curls) I then add some product. I'm not a huge fan of hairspray, so I like to finish off with something like Toni & Guy's Sea Salt Texturising Spray or the Eleven Dry Shampoo if I want more of a matte, dirty looking beach vibe. Or, if I want more of a smoother, sleeker look (say for a night time event), I love the Muk Argan Oil Treatment or the Toni & Guy Serum Drops.

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Hope this helps some of you! If there's something you would like me to elaborate on, feel free to leave me a comment so I can get back to you x