Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ask Vydia | Eye Cream Favourites

Hi Vydia I love your beauty posts on skincare and makeup. They are always so informative and I love hearing what you have to reccomend. Would you be able to tell me what your favourite eye creams are? I'm looking to buy a nice one and would love to know what you recommend! Thanks in advance!! Sara

Hey Sara! Eye creams are an essential part of everyone's skin routine. It's really important if you have dry skin like me to not take your regular moisturiser all the way up to the eye area as your face moisturiser may be too rich and heavy for the delicate skin around your eye area. Instead, you want something lightweight that still offers hydration and is gentle enough to protect the thin and porous skin around the eyes. I like to be preventative with my skincare, which is usually why I choose a lot of products that have anti-aging properties. It's better to prevent then to try and cure after the damage has been done in my opinion. My main concern when it comes to eyes is preventing wrinkles - I don't have dark circles to point where it needs to be treated or puffy eyes, so keep in mind that my recommendations will be for eye creams that smooth and protect the skin.

I have a couple of tips when it comes to eye creams:
1. Less is more - there's a reason why eye creams are so expensive, you only need the smallest amount to take care of both eyes
2. Be careful not to over moisturise - over moisturising delicate skin can cause those little bumps around the eye areas (this is also another reason not to use your regular moisturiser around the eyes)
3. Sweep under the eye and over the brow bone and then tap the product in - a lot of people say to use your ring finger but I don't think it actually matters too much, just make sure you're extra gentle and never tugging or pulling on your eyes

Now onto some of my fave eye creams (which are also all great for using under your makeup as they don't contribute to any creasing to your under eye concealer throughout the day)...

1. Indio Eye Rise | $84.00 | Available here
Indio has been my HOLY GRAIL skincare range lately. It's a salon only brand, however you can get in contact with the Indio team to get details on your nearest stockist. I'm in LOVE with this eye cream which does an amazing job of plumping the skin around the eyes to reduce fine lines. The reason why I'm so concerned about lines around the eyes despite my 21 years of age is that I often find my eyes become extra dry especially if I've used a hardcore eye makeup remover to get rid of all the eye makeup I've worn after an event/party. The formula is slightly tinted which gives a light concealing effect, but nothing too drastic. I'm a huge fan of the fact that the cream contains a SPF and has UV protection.

2. Kosmea Apple of My Eye Cream | $44.95 | Available here
I'm a huge rose hip oil fan which just happens to be the core ingredient of all Kosmea products. I've tried most of Kosmea's range and they hardly do any wrong, and of course the Apple of my Eye Cream is no exception! I love the pump pen like applicator of this cream, very innovative but I still do it old school and use my fingers when applying it. The product itself is a yellow tinged rich cream which is packed with wrinkle fighting and brightening ingredients like PhytoCellTec (actual apple stem cells which minimises fine lines), rose hip oil, white tea and carrot extracts.

3. Sanctum Firming Eye Balm | $23.95 | Available here
If you're not familiar with the brand Sanctum, they make some amazing products that are certified organic and 100% naturally derived. If you're looking for something light but still has the ability to provide decent moisturisation, this one's for you as it's designed for all skin types. The texture is very silky and visibly smooths out the skin leaving it hydrated and soft.

4. Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum | $19.95 | Available here
I find Sukin a really great affordable, quality brand, and easily accessible too. I'm a big fan of their rose hip oil and of course this eye serum. The texture is extremely light so you'll never find yourself pulling or tugging at your eye area. The smell is absolutely DIVINE just like in all of Sukin's products. The light texture means that the serum soaks almost instantly into the skin and doesn't leave a tacky or sticky feeling behind. If you're young and are looking into a nice eye cream to incorporate into your routine, this would be a great first option to test out. I will say that I'm not a huge fan of the pump bottle however - I much prefer the tube approach where you can control how much product gets dispensed. However the huge 30ml in each bottle definitely makes up for it!