Monday, 24 June 2013

Q&A | Kirsten and Mike from Palm Beach Collection

There's something special about Palm Beach Collection. And it's not just the fact that the brand captures so beautifully the quintessential Australian lifestyle. From the fresh scents that embody not only a certain fragrance but more an experience or memory, to the new minimalistic and chic packaging, I highly doubt there isnt a PBC candle burning at your place right now. 

To celebrate the launch of the new Quince fragrance range and the introduction of the new sleek packaging, I had a little chat to the owners of PBC, Mike and Kirsten on their humble beginnings launching their own home fragrance line and what's to come from this amazing Australian duo. 

Talk us through the creation and philosophy of Palm Beach Collection. How have you and your products evolved from when you first started?
The brand “Palm Beach Collection” has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and I say this with a grin on my face! Picture crazy scientists in white coats pouring over bubbling glass beakers in a garage the size of your cupboard and you have an idea. Our philosophy is, and always will be to bring the home fragrance market of the world an irresistible, yet affordable scented collection that is eco friendly and all Australian made.

We have always maintained a vision for our brand. Our initial developmental strategy was to get our brand name on top from the start. This involved sourcing quality materials, producing a very practical line of high end home fragrance items that our target market falls in love with and selling it in a way that avoids having to sell the products anywhere that could in the long run damage the brand. We still have this vision in mind everyday and expand on this appropriately.

Where did you draw inspiration from for your current fragrances and what inspires you to create new ones?
Both Kirsten and I are inspired by capturing a common sense of feeling in a fragrance. We have found that sensory triggers evoke memories, moods, feeling and emotions. Each individual has their own personal experience of fragrance and that is what makes fragrance so special.
We draw inspiration from our own gardens here in Sydney all the way through to trends and popular scents throughout the world, Paris, NYC, London, Italy. We follow trends all over the world and we also take ideas from our own surroundings. Remaining on trend is very important to staying current and at the forefront.

Your new look products are so lovely and chic, what was your thought process behind the new packaging?
It was time for a change, the old packaging styles had served us so well, however having two made it a bit confusing so we combined the two together. The new packaging has the style and sophistication of the Black along with the relaxed Beach feel that the Stripe had. With these two elements combined with the colour blocking a refreshing new age for Palm Beach Collection has occurred.

You’ve just launched an amazing new scent, quince; talk us through the process of creating a new range.
Yes we have! Quince combines the sweetness of this beautiful fruit with layers and tones of white flower favorites. Mothers Day inspired “Quince” creating a fresh new fragrance for Mum. We came across this amazing combination of fruit and white flower in NYC the last time we travelled, coming home inspired we handed these elements to our lab along with our idea on how to combine them and  created the base oil for all our Quince products.

Palm Beach Collection | Quince Scented Soy Candle | available here

What are your top tips for candle burning and care?
* Trim the wick to 7mm each time before burning to prevent the candle from smoking
* Each time you light your candle, allow it to burn until it has melted evenly to the sides. This will help you achieve an even burn without creating a tunnel and will also help with the scent throw of your candle.
* Do not attempt to snuff your candle with the lid, this can affect the top layer of wax and also is dangerous. Blow it out and leave until the wax is set.

Favourite candle/diffuser from the PBC range?
This is a very easy one for me, White Rose and Jasmine. Jasmine just takes me back to mums front garden when growing up. I just feel warm and safe when I burn it, it is such a powerful sensory memory. Caroline my wife also loves it so much that it became the signature fragrance at our wedding earlier this year, a wonderful addition to a perfect day.

Palm Beach Collection | White Rose & Jasmine Scented Soy Candle | available here

What can we expect to see from PBC in the future?
The golden question - expect better scents, and new products. I won’t give anything away just yet but we have some fantastic and innovative new ideas that will inspire you to keep following this amazing Australian made brand of home fragrance. We love home fragrance!

Visit the Palm Beach Collection website here