Monday, 13 May 2013

The Next Big Thing | Argyle Agrum

I've found it. The next big thing. Big call I'm aware, but I definitely have no hesitations in supporting the up and coming Emily Van Der Lowden's ultra modern creation, Argyle Agrum. And if you haven't heard of Argyle Agrum before (let's be honest, I'm sure you have!), trust me that it's one to keep your eye out for! 

Flicking through the look book for Argyle Agrum's debut collection, High Sci-fiety, my initial reaction was holy shit. And rightfully so. As a designer, Emily is an absolute visionary and I've been going crazy over her coveted designs ever since. Think structure, modern cuts, monochrome and of course, leather on leather (on leather on leather). I'm sold and in saying that, beyond excited for my first AA piece to land in my wardrobe very soon! 

Chatting with Emily proved to me one thing, how dedicated and humble she is about her brand. Did I mention this girl's 20? If you haven't already, then prepare to be amazed...

First of all, how did the name Argyle Agrum come about?
I have always been drawn to words beginning with the letter ‘A’. On my way to Whitehouse each day, when I was studying, I would always walk past this one building that had a huge sign on it that was called the ‘Argrium’. I just always liked pronouncing it and was writing words on paper one day and came up with ‘Argyle Agrum’. This was years ago I think I was seventeen at the time in class and from that moment I just knew that I had to keep the piece of paper that had ‘Argyle Agrum’ written on it. Three years later and that piece of paper with those words written on it became a reality.

Talk us through your journey as a new, upcoming designer. What’s it like being classed as the next big thing?
It is a very surreal feeling as Argyle Agrum literally just happened it wasn’t planned at all. After graduating with my Bachelor of Design from Whitehouse Institute of Design this February I had secured an internship with Alexander Wang in New York. That was my plan for the year, to go and intern for the one and only Wang and live in New York. However my graduation collection created so much exciting hype and I was approached by stockists who wanted to stock it and then I had PR agencies approaching me and stylists and bloggers all wanting to borrow it and interview me. It literally just all happened so fast! In late February I went for a meeting with The PR Department, a meeting that I didn’t know at the time would create what Argyle Agrum has become today. From that day it has all happened so fast and it all just leaves me speechless! Being classed as the next big thing is truly the most surreal feeling, especially as Argyle Agrum was not something that was  planned. I just feel so grateful and blessed that the stylists, bloggers and editors of the industry are loving what I’m creating and building into a brand, it means so much, truly!
What is the signature AA look?
Leather on leather on leather. You could say the foundations behind Argyle Agrum are based on my constant obsession with the element. The idealistic Argyle Agrum signature look would definitely be some form of leather asymmetric skirt worn with a leather slouched singlet with a glimpse of a bralette poking through. Topped with a wide brim hat and a jacket or fur coat draped on the wearers arm.

 Tell us about your amazing new collection High Sci-fiety.
It means so much The VR Verdict loves the new ‘High Sci-fiety’ collection! This is Argyle Agrum’s first ever collection and one that was put together so quickly. From the time I found out I had to make a collection and have the look book shot it was all designed and the samples were made in a time span of about 4 weeks, then the look book was shot the following weekend! Which is crazy, but some how it all got done with a lot of sleepless nights. The collection was inspired by modern architecture and whilst researching for the concept I stumbled upon the movement of futuristic architecture. Which is where the Sci-fi elements come through in the apparel.

Your designs are so unique and quite innovative, where do you draw inspiration?
I am always finding myself being inspired by modern architecture and grandé scaled structures. The elements in a modern architectural building which include glass, metal and concrete I think I will always have an obsession with.

Favourite piece from High Sci-fiety?
It changes weekly, but this week I am loving my own creation of the ‘Incision skirt’.

What’s next for Argyle Agrum?
Every week something new and exciting is happening for Argyle Agrum, things I couldn’t even dream of happening are happening. At this point there is so many exciting projects in the works, that I can’t wait to share. My next ultimate goal that my PR team and I have for Argyle Agrum is debuting at Fashion week 2014, that is hopefully the next chapter in the story.

You can visit the Argyle Agrum website here to purchase and also follow Emily on instagram at @argyle_agrum