Wednesday, 22 May 2013


A while ago I did a post featuring my favourite skincare products for removing makeup, have a read of that post here if you haven't already! I thought I'd continue my skincare favourites with the next step, which happens to be my favourite, cleansing. I say my favourite step because there's no better feeling than having clean skin! 

I'm not going to harp on for too long about the importance of proper cleansing, because I'm sure you all know - but it basically sets up the foundation for the rest of your products to effectively do their job. Without a proper cleanse, you're obviously going to be layering products on top of dirty skin which will obviously lead to more troubles (e.g. spots and congestion) than you need. 

So here are my current favourite cleansers (in no particular order), which have all become my holy grail products (and they're all Australian brands!). 

1. Kosmea | Purifying Cream Cleanser | Available here
If you're unaware of Kosmea, all their products are centred on the amazing benefits of organic rose hip oil, which is known for it's healing properties and ability to regenerate skin cells for that glowing appearance. I'm a huge fan of cream cleansers as they work wonders on my dry skin (I haven't used a foaming cleanser since I was in my teens). This cleanser is designed for all skin types but works especially well for dry, mature and sensitive skin. I love how gentle Kosmea products are in general, they contain no mineral oils, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) or artificial fragrances. The cleanser has a beautiful smell of roses, which I absolutely LOVE. Overall, a really great all round daily cleanser for removing makeup (including eye makeup) and impurities whilst still restoring moisture back in to the skin.

2. Elixia | Vitamin E Enriched Cleansing Cream | Available here
Elixia have some great products (like the skin brightening creme) and one of those is definitely the Vitamin E cleanser. I will admit, this cleanser is more of a splurge, but in saying so, the most luxourious treat for the skin. I tend to grab this cleanser more on the days where my skin is looking ultra dull and tired and needs a mini facial to restore some life.  Not only is this cleanser super moisturising, but I always feel like my skin looks so much more brighter every time I use it. Once again, Elixia products are known for their paraben/formaldehyde/SLS/paraffin free properties, which makes them ultra gentle and perfect for any skin type.  

3. Alpha-H | Balancing Cleanser | Available here
Alpha-H products speak for themselves. They are definitely in my top 3 skincare brands! And aside from the liquid gold products (blog post coming up soon on these lifesavers!), the balancing cleanser is my absolute favourite. First of all, this cleanser smells DIVINE. Second, this is probably one of my most used products thanks to how effective it is as a cleanser - it really does thoroughly clean the skin (it's perfect at removing makeup) without stripping it of it's moisture. If you have more of a combination or oiler skin type, Alpha-H also do a Triple Action cleanser which helps combat spots and reduces excess oil. Cannot speak highly enough of this! 

4. Alpha-H | Gentle Daily Exfoliant | Available here
This product can only be described as amazing. It's quite similar to the Dermalogica one, in that it comes in a powder form and you make a paste out of it by adding small amounts of water. I definitely prefer this over the Dermalogica Microexfoliant however, as I found the Dermalogica way too harsh for everyday, mainly because of the salicylic acid which is more suited to those who have blemished skin. The Alpha-H is much more gentle, thanks to the zero abrasion, and perfect for everyday. I use this cleanser for those days where I want a bit more of a deeper cleanse as the gentle exfoliation removes all the dead skin and really helps to brighten dull skin. My skin definitely feels more smooth and fresh after using this cleanser.

1. Kosmea Five Minute Facial Muslin Cloth (Available here) | 2. The Body Shop Facial Buffer (Available in stores)

I use all my cream cleansers with either a muslin cloth (I LOVE the Kosmea muslin cloth) or facial buffer, and trust me when I say it WILL change your life once you start. So basically what I do with all my cleansers is I pump out a decent amount and spend around 3-4 minutes properly massaging the cleanser onto my face for a really deep cleanse and also to break down makeup and dirt. Then I take either my muslin cloth or facial buffer and run it under some warm (definitely not hot) water. If I'm using the muslin cloth, I'll fold it up a couple of times so the heat is trapped and then take it all over the skin, removing the cream cleanser (rinsing it out every time I wipe, so it stays clean). You'll be amazed at how easily all the dirt and makeup comes off (which you can physically see on the cloth, so you know everything's coming off!). Once I've removed everything, I'll then splash my face very quickly with some cool water just so I know I've gotten absolutely everything off.  Overall it gives your skin a really gentle deep cleanse thanks to the light exfoliation which is perfect for everyday (if you have sensitive skin you can try it every other day if you find it too much for your skin to handle). Obviously don't take any sort of facial cloth (or any sort of exfoliator for that matter) around the eye area.

I hope this helps some of you out who are looking for a new cleanser or wanting to try something a bit different! Let me know your favourite cleanser in the comments section, I would love to see what you guys use and recommend.