Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ask Vydia - Winter Inspired Party Outfits

Hi Vydia, I love reading your blog and even more in love with your style! Would you be able to give me some oufit inspiration for parties, especially because it's starting to get cold at night and I don't know what to wear besides pants which looks boring. Thanks for your help!! Melissa xoxo

Hey Melissa! Love your question, I find it so easy to lose inspiration when the weather starts to become cooler and all you can think of is wearing pants and a cozy knit. My tip for shopping for winter is to choose pieces that look good when layering, because usually you'll be pairing your party dress with a jacket or blazer. So choosing a jacket in a neutral colour (i.e. black) with a nice fit, will always create a classic look and can be worn multiple times throughout the season.

I've put together a few outfits for parties/going out events. My key to dressing for the cooler nights (without wearing pants!) is to opt for a full sleeve dress - love them!

Cameo Breakglass Dress - $189.95
Zara Maxi Pearl Necklace
Windsor Smith Bailey - $139.95 (available here)

Witchery Twist Jersey Dress - $129.95 (available here)
Country Road Oriana Sling - $149.00 (available here)
Wittner Billie-Jean - $189.95 (available here)

And just in case it's a lot colder, here's an outfit surrounding these amazing faux leather pants from Steele. Keeping the look monochrome may seem a bit boring (especially for winter), but it's a signature style that always looks chic and of course, you can add colour through necklaces or other accessories if you want that pop of colour (hate that phrase, but that's what it is!).
Zara Draped Viscose Blouse
Steele Pania 2.0 Leather Pants - $429.00 (available here)
Sass and Bide On Watch Printed and Embroidered Clutch - $190.00 (available here)
Tony Bianco Taylea - $219.95 (available here)

Hope this helps you and gave you a little inspiration for future outfits!