Sunday, 17 March 2013

Make Up Favourites: Foundations

I promised you all a while ago that I'd do a little overview of my favourite foundations, so here it is!

These 4 are my top picks for foundations that work really well for my skin type. My skin, like I mentioned in my Removing Makeup post (here it is if you haven't read it!), is pretty dry so all of these foundations have been mainly chosen for their moisturising properties and their natural skin like finish. So keeping this in mind, if you do have a more oilier complexion, these may not work as good for you as they do for me. Because of my dry skin, I find that all these foundations stay in place and hardly transfer throughout the day and only rarely need touching up (once set with a powder).

I love Nars in general and this would have to be my favourite foundation ever. Beware it does nothing like the name suggests, it's definitley not sheer and it's not glowy to the point where the foundation's name should have the word 'glow' in it. This foundation to me is a full coverage moisturising foundation. I know that some people say that this is light to medium coverage but I consider anything that doesn't require me applying concealer over as full coverage. The formula is very moisturising, blends amazingly and leaves the skin looking like actual skin.

The only flaw to this foundation is the fact that it doesn't come with a pump! So annoying but I usually give it a shake before I use it and use whatever is in the lid.

Colour: Tahoe and Syracuse
Coverage: Full
Finish: Semi-matte
Brush or Fingers: Either. Works amazing with a brush like the Real Techniques buffing brush for really flawless skin or you can definitley use your fingers.
Buy: Mecca (available here)

I bought this foundation at Sephora whilst holidaying in Singapore, and it was something I was definitley looking forward to trying after seeing all the hype surrounding HD foundations. First of all, this foundation is hands down the BEST for photography! MUFE do a really great job on their colour range and your bound to find your perfect colour. I'm a nightmare when trying to find the right shade and the 153 is one of the best colour matches I've found. This is definitley not an everyday foundation for me, I tend to only use it when I have a party or event to go (anywhere where I'll be photographed basically). The formula is really easy to blend and I prefer using my fingers as the warmth gives a really natural finish. I would definitley recommend setting this foundation with a powder but not the matching HD powder if you're being photographed as the finely milled particles leave a white cast when paired with flash photography. Something like MAC mineralised skin finish natural works much much better!

The down side is that this foundation can emphasis dryness so make sure you wear a proper moisturiser underneath or a hydrating primer (like the Becca shimmering skin perfecter or the Laura Mercier hydrating foundation primer).

Colour: 153
Coverage: Medium
Finish: Semi-matte
Brush or Fingers: Fingers

I've only been using this foundation for about a month or so but I seriously love it and find it really hard to fault. Not a huge fan of Smashbox products in general, but I think they've really nailed this one! Coverage is a lovely medium with a very skin like finish that doesn't feel heavy at all, in fact you cant feel anything when it's on. I find this foundation works amazingly with a brush so you get that really evened out skin tone. As much as the 15 hour staying power thing sounds ridiculous, I have definitley worn foundation for that amount of time, if not more, and it does stay on and doesn't move (however obviously needs to be touched up with a powder at some point during the day).

Colour: Medium 3.2
Coverage: Medium
Finish: Natural
Brush or Fingers: Brush
Buy: Mecca (available here)

I'm not at all a huge fan of MAC foundations, but this is one of those essentials everyone needs. The coverage is ultra ultra light but can be built up to a medium coverage. The finish is basically your skin but better - perfect for everyday and days where you don't want to look overly done up. A really great point about this foundation is the amount you get for the price, it's $60 for a crazy 120ml. Make sure you shake it like crazy before you apply it!!

Something I don't necessarily enjoy about this foundation is the texture, which is basically like water however as you blend it, it starts to thicken - weird. It means that it only works best when used with a foundation brush. I'd also recommend this to people who already have quite good skin with minimal imperfections and don't need much covering up.

Colour: C6
Coverage: Ultra Sheer
Finish: Dewy 
Brush or Fingers: Brush
Buy: MAC Pro (available here)

Well that was quite a read. I hope this helped some of you and if you have a holy grail foundation that I haven't tried, definitely shoot me an email or leave a comment on my insta! I love trying out new foundations so I'd love to hear from you xx