Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rozalia Russian Loves...

Ever wanted to see the inside of Rozalia Russian's, wife of Eve Night Club owner Nick Russian, wardrobe? Well here are just a few of her favourite pieces...

* Thank you so much to the beautiful Roza, Yelena and Nick for letting us come over and have a play around, we had the most fun time!

* All images were photographed at Eve Night Club Melbourne
334 City Rd, Southbank, VIC, 3006
T: 9696 7388



  1. her fur collection is insane. i wish i knew where that white one was from. i need it in my winter wardrobe! also, that wedding dress... i have no words. i think hers trumps bec judd's j'aton. eek! x.

  2. That's a satisfying peek. I think those are just a few of her favorites though. I can't make an assessment of her overall style based just on those. I am not a big fan of fur but I guess she likes it. She certainly has a nice selection. The shoes are cool and I would wear those red sneakers.