Saturday, 23 February 2013

Outfit Of The Day 21.02.13

Photos by Abana Sohtra (instagram @asohtra)

Top: Ballroom tee by Three Of Something
Skirt: I'm glad a lot of you liked this skirt on insta! So this is actually a skirt I made a while ago, and it's basically a regular chiffon maxi. For this look, I simply tucked in the front and tied the sides into a knot. Easy!
Shoes: Steve Madden (available here)

I've finally got around to capture myself wearing the lovely ballroom print from Three Of Something's pre fall 2013 collection. I'm a massive fan of this tee with it's black shoulders which almost look like a separate component to the shirt. I can definitely imagine myself rocking it with a pair of black skinnies and tan sandals to uni (which is approaching!). 

I also own the skirt in this print which looks amazing with a plain black shirt (or if you're super cool, with the matching tee!) which I'll be featuring real soon. Make sure you check out the Three Of Something website ( for stockist info!

So about the maxi skirt, yes I can sew!! I've been sewing since I was a child and consider myself lucky to be able make pieces without referencing actual patterns. If you guys want to know in more detail how I achieved the side twisted look, let me know and I'll try and do a separate post on it talking you through it. It's super easy, but I think pictures would be helpful (who wants to read these days anyway?). 

Also, the antique gold necklace is actually from India. I love a little touch of Bollywood every now and then. 


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