Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hair Inspiration

I'm getting my hair done next week! This used to be one of those classic terrifying processes until I found my holy grail hairdresser. I'm at that stage now where I love getting my hair done. But before I do, I have to do some research on how I think I want to look when I leave the salon (trust me, you're stupid if you don't walk into your hairdresser without at least a picture!!).

So here are some amazing hair inspiration pics I've had saved onto my laptop for now!

The cut:

I go through phases where I have extremely long hair and then have it cut to a dramatic bob. I've always done this until recently when my hairdresser suggested I "calm down" and cut it mid-length (there's no such thing as the awkward hair length, you're just awkward). Not only was this perfect, but it also relatively stopped me from doing the whole I want my hair short when it's long and long when it's short fiasco. My friends know all too much about this.

So at the moment, I'm loving centre parted mid length hair with long layers throughout but with shorter layers at the front to frame the face. No fringe. Ever. My hair is naturally pretty straight so blunt ends really compliment the texture and adds fullness which I love.

If you're struggling to find the right cut, look back at old photos of yourself and see which cut and length suited you the most with what hair texture you have. Also, keep in mind that most likely, every celebrity's hair you love is styled hard core. So unless you're willing to maintain perfectly sectioned and backcombed locks (and probably with extensions as well), stick to something that'll naturally look good with minimal products and heat tools.

And if you're still struggling, find that great hairdresser (yes they tend to be on the more expensive side) for suggestions you can actually depend on. They'll look at your face shape, features, etc and more than likely make the right judgement. If this makes you a bit nervous, just let them know of how you DON'T want to look.

The colour:

I've had my hair all black up until the second year of uni (2 years ago). I finally decided to ombre my hair when it suddenly became all the rage. And I'll have to admit, I'll never go back to just having all black hair now. The main reason I love having my hair lighter is because of the clothes I wear which on most cases, tends to be all black. All black clothes and all black hair in my opinion made me feel too much like a goth (which may be your thing, which is all good, but definitely not mine).

My hairdresser taught me how to pick the right colour and that was to find someone else who had the same skin tone as me and see how the colour sat with their skin. PERFECT ADVICE.

Rihanna has got it so right with her most recent colour job, it's perfect. And I also love Ciara's!! So at my next appointment, I'll definitely be asking for warm rich tones like caramel and even golden honey tones towards the ends with a gradual fade from a warm chocolate. If you're unsure of actual colours, just show your hairdresser your hair inspiration and they'll explain it to you.

(All images sourced from Google)

So keep your eyes out next week for a separate post after I get my hair done and how it turned out including all my salon's details as well!