Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ask Vydia - Favourite Places To Shop

Hey Vydia!! Loving your blog so much! I'm always looking forward to when you update it! Could you please tell me the places you like to shop - stores and online? As a uni student, would you also be able to recommend some lower budget places that you still shop at? Thank you so much xxxx Laura.

Hey Laura! Thank you so much for your kind words about the blog!! This is such a great question and I totally understand about the whole uni situation. I go to uni as well so I totally get that when you're buying all your books and parking permits (or more likely paying parking fines), buying clothes can seem like a luxury. 

Keeping this in mind, I think it's totally fine and acceptable to invest in a couple of pieces you've been really wanting each season (or in my case from each designer's new collection) regardless of price just to add a bit of timelessness and inspiration back into your wardrobe. 

Here are my favourite places to shop in general and also a couple of pieces from their current collection that I'm loving:

1. Green With Envy

Nicholas Tapestry Print Jean - $249
Nicholas Tapestry Scuba Skater Dress - $370

I actually LOVE GWE too much. Both the online store and real store can only be described as heaven. One of the main reasons for this is because they stock some of my favourite designers like Alexander Wang, Josh Goot, Helmut Lang and of course, Nicholas!! At the moment, I'm loving this tapestry print from Nicholas A/W 13. Another piece I also love from Nicholas featuring this print is the jacket with leather shoulder detailing, so amazing. If you think GWE can get a bit exxy at times, they do regularly go on sale and with ridiculous discounts like 75% off end of season stuff, you honestly cant go wrong. 

Visit GWE here

2. Torsa

Torsa unfortunately dont have an online store, but you can check them out on High St Prahran if you live in Melbourne. I love this place because they stock Isabel Marant and Kenzo. That's all you need to know. 

Visit Torsa at 497 High Street, Prahran
T: 9510 5585
E: info@torsa.com.au

3. Steve Madden

REALOVE - $129.95
BUDDIES - $119.95

Of course we all know how much I LOVE Steve Madden shoes. They bring out new styles regularly which is great because their shoes are consistently on trend but clearly a bit devastating if you have no self restraint. I know, hardcore first world problem, but at the end of the day, this whole blog is an entire first world problem to begin with. I recently picked up the realoves in black (which I'm sporting on a daily basis thanks to its amazing versatility) and the buddies sandals, which are also available in tan. I'll be featuring these in a lot of upcoming outfits so hopefully you don't get sick of seeing them! Absolute staples. 

Visit Steve Madden here

4. Sass and Bide

How Honest Can I Be? printed tank - $180
Focused & Composed printed & embellished tee - $240

It's a no brainer that I included Sass and Bide on this list. Including denim, SB are perfect for tanks and knitwear. Their cashmere knits are definite staples in my wardrobe for winter and by my favourite from any designer. At the moment, I'm loving this black and white tank with a sheer middle panel. Definitely will be getting my hands on that one soon!

Vist Sass and Bide here

If you're after some more budget options ($200 and under), I would definitely stick with Country Road:

Military Track Pant - $79.95
Long Line Knit Vest - $149

Country Road is actually one of my favourite places to shop. Every season they always have some standout pieces and for me, I always find their winter pieces to be the best. CR pieces are quality and if you invest in the staples, will last you forever. I'm loving these grey track pants (also loving the track pants from Viktoria and Woods just on a side note) which look ultra casual and perfect for uni. Keeping with my love for winter, I always love any fur or knit CR bring out, and if they're vests, then double thumbs up from me!

Visit CR here

(All images sourced from the store's respective websites and/or instagram)

Hope this post gave you a bit of inspiration, and if you know of some amazing places to shop, definitely let me know because I clearly need more reasons to clear out my savings account.