Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Wrap Skirt Obsession

(Images sourced from Google)

No one does the wrap skirt justice like Centenera. It's no wonder that it's now become my new favourite trend (which is a big call because I usually despise the notion of "trends")! I've heard a lot of names used for this type of skirt - origami, wrap-around, assymetrical. Call it what you want, it's freaking amazing. It's the type of piece that makes anything simple you're wearing look amazing. E.g. Centenera and her open black shirt. So simple and so perfect. Honestly, how can someone look that good????

Here are some of my favourite wrap skirts I've seen so far (and on my current wish list!):

Winston Wolfe The Mia Wallace (available in black and white) - $320 

How amazing!!! Loving both the black and the white leather (leather = instant love) which also features alligator stamped leather (ummm yes) detailing along the waist. This has to be one of the hottest skirts out there right now. I particularly love how this skirt was styled by Elle Ferguson, just with a simple navy and white striped full sleeve and black ankle strapped heels. Perfect. Add this to my already growing WW wish list. 

Visit Winston Wolfe here.

Zara Wrap Mini Skort - Not yet available in AUS

I was really surprised that this skirt was from Zara! Don't get me wrong, Zara is great, but this is just incredible looking. My only thing about this skirt is that it's a skort (yep the back has the structure of a pair shorts), yeaaahh alrighty then. Maybe not right at the top of my need-to-buy-now list anymore but still an amazing looking piece and I cant wait to check it out in person once the new season collection is released and available in stores. I am hoping there is a black version of course!

Nicholas Bonded Silk Zip skirt - $330

Love Nicholas in general. They also seem to nail the cut of every piece, it's clean and simple. I've seen this skirt come out in a few colours, including hot pink and black but I'm really loving this light cream colour. If you're after a wrap skirt that isn't too 'busy' and can be styled really easily, this one's for you! 

Visit Green With Envy here.

Stylestalker Biker Skirt - $139

This Stylstalker skirt is probably my favourite after the Winston Wolfe ones. Love all the zip detailing and the fact that it's also leather. This would look amazing with a plain marle grey t-shirt and simple sandals. I found this skirt on The Iconic but it's unfortunately out of the stock, so if anyone manages to track it down, let me know!! 

(Images sourced from label's respective websites)

What's your current favourite trend going around at the moment?



  1. Love Christine's style! She is so inspiring and has such a great sense of style! I like the grey skirt... Amazing <3.

    I saw this Zara skirt first on you instagram and definitely find it really cool! An easy solution to get to Centenera look!


    1. I'm so obsessed with Centenera's style too! Everything about her is perfection. I hope the Zara skirt looks just as good in person, I'll let you know if I purchase it! Loving your blog btw darling!!
      X Vydia

  2. Your blog looks incredible doll! You are doing such a great job. I have been too busy to keep up with everything, but you go girl!! Looks GREAT xxx

    1. Look who's talking!! SO happy for you and RB, the site looks amazing! It's so nice to see all your hard work paying off. Cant wait to make my first purchase real soon!!!
      X Vydia

  3. check out zara right now because there is a black version of the skort. i didn't like the skort idea at first but now i own the white one and honestly, i completely love it :) quite edgy