Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Favourites

How fun has January been? Hope you all had a fresh and motivated start to the year and to recap, here are some of my favourite things I've been enjoying especially in the month of January.

- Maurie and Eve Pants
I'm in love with this print!! I'm actually thinking about getting the matching peplum top so I can wear them both together, I'm crazy like that. If you're thinking about investing in printed pants, DO IT! They are so versatile because you can really pair it up with anything, a basic solid coloured top if you're like me or matching/clashing prints if you're a bit daring. I'll usually be seen wearing a Nicholas black or white full sleeve with these pants!

- Grace
The unsung hero of Vogue. Hashtag totes amaze. I've been pretty slack in the literature department, but when I did find time in January, I was reading Grace Coddington's memoir. It's a really great light read on her times at Vogue and basically all her amazing achievements from modelling to Vogue director. Very insightful and inspirational to say the least, and a MUST if you love fashion books or need something ultra cool on your coffee table.

- Bombardier Designs Candles
My absolute favourite candles! I go through candles like there's no tomorrow and right now I've been loving and cherishing my Bombardier Designs candles in French Vanilla and Roasted Coffee. Kayla, the lovely owner of Bombardier Designs is hard at work designing her new website for you all so make sure to keep an eye out on her instagram @kaylabombardier for when it launches. More information on these candles, including fragrances and details on how to order, can be found here. I've just gotten my hands on the beautifully fresh French Pear fragrance which I'm so excited to burn soon. Cant wait to relax!

- Steve Madden REALOVE 
My staple heels for January! How much do you love these? I've been wearing my Steve Madden REALOVEs out everywhere. Love the pop of neon pink it gives to an outfit, especially when the outfit is the typical all black and solid. I really need to head back to SM and pick up the black pair soon!

- MAC Melba Blush
If you have tan skin, you need to try this blush. It's quite simply a bronzy pink, I'm not saying it's a coral because it has a bit more pink than a regular coral. So it's peachy? I'm not too sure but it looks amazing especially if you have a bronzed complexion because it almost enhances a tan if that makes sense. It's a matte which I love for day time, I'm defs not a fan of glitter on the face during the day, I much prefer the sheer matte textures for a natural look. Perfect for summer!

- Clinique Super City Block SPF 30+
My favourite sunscreen! It's slightly tinted so it hardly gives off a white cast to the skin. Works really well as a primer beneath your foundation if your skin is more on the dryer side, it may look shiny throughout the day if you're prone to oiliness though. If you are using it as a primer as well, make sure you wait a few minutes before applying anything on top just to allow the sunscreen to sink in a bit. An absolute must for the day time!

Let me know what you've been loving this month!

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