Monday, 3 December 2012

LHGG Day 3: Hair

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of the brand Davines, after this post, you’ll hopefully be in love with their products and philosophy! Davines is a salon only hair care brand that has created a firm foundation as sustainable beauty. I’m so excited to feature this brand, not only because of their amazing products but also the innovative technology and conscious thought that has gone behind them.

In a few words, Davines uses recycled packaging, sources ingredients from fair trade initiatives where possible and has adopted a zero impact policy whereby the carbon emissions are offset by the protection and reforestation of nature reserves. WOW!!

Here’s what I recommend from the Davines range:
1. Oi/Oil
Absolute Beautifying Potion – This oil smells divine, like musk candy sticks. In fact, all of the Davines products smell like heaven. This finishing oil is a styling tool to control frizz and add shine, not a treatment. And because it’s not a treatment, the formula is super light and leaves a weightless feeling to hair that isn’t even freshly washed. However, I do only use it when my hair is damp and just before blow-drying it. Breathable silicones create a protective film on the hair whilst roucou oil prevents the hair from aging and acts as a strong anti-oxidant.

2. Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner
For Natural and Coloured Hair – If your hair is coloured like mine, using shampoo that’s specifically designed for your hair colour is a must. A lot of hair care brands follow this philosophy, including one of my other favourites, Bumble and Bumble. The reason being is that the hair colour is naturally enhanced with direct pigments even between salon visits, making your hair look fresh and most importantly, healthy!! 

3. Melu Shield
Mellow Thermal Protecting Shield – This product is a must since we all use heat on our hair every now and then! Especially if you’re after a heat protectant that isn’t laced with damaging silicones that make your hair feel better than it actually is. Instead, it contains a technological resin and rosemary extract to soften the hair whilst speed up the hair drying/straightening/curling/whatever process. A must!!

4. Volu Mist
Volume Boosting Moisturising Mist – If you have fine or dead straight hair, this is absolutely life saving, or at the very least hair saving. Spray this just before you blow-dry it (and after the oil) for quick volume that doesn’t feel sticky or leave an awful residue like a mousse can. I love the way they describe this product – invisible volume, because that’s exactly what it is!

Salons that carry Davines also carry beautiful gift sets, which would make the perfect gift for anyone super conscious about the impact that products have not only on their hair but also to the environment.

Thank you to the lovely Sophie at GoGo Richmond!
105 Church St, Richmond
Tel: 9429 4511


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