Saturday, 1 December 2012

LHGG Day 1: Candles

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t enjoy a good candle. Probably because these people don’t even exist! And rightly so, after all nothing comes close to the unique ambience and fulfilling fragrance only a candle could produce. And that’s what makes them such a perfect gift!

You’re probably all aware of the widely popular candles available out there that I could recommend, I’m talking Diptyque, Jo Malone, Le Labo, and the like. And because you’re reading this blog, I’m probably correct in assuming you have one burning in your house right now! As much as I adore these candles, if I were to ever be confronted by a candle company made in Melbourne that provides the same qualities as a Tocca candle, I would be all over it. And right now I’m currently all over these candles from Bombardier Designs.

Bombardier Designs’ candles are made from the highest quality of organic soy wax, which contains hydrogenated soybean oil infused with botanical oils. And if you’re unfamiliar with natural soy candles, soy wax is eco-friendly, farmed sustainably, biodegradable and contains no paraffin or palm wax. They burn up to 50% longer than traditional candles and also emit 95% less carbon, making it cleaner burning.

I received 5 of these amazing hand poured candles in the fragrances french vanilla, roasted coffee, kiwi fruit, chai latte and musk. Before I even say anything, the roasted coffee, you need it. First of all, I loved the black paper and ribbon they arrived in, so chic! The attention to detail is beyond. The lovely Kayla (who is an absolute joy) down at Bombardier Designs has done a clever job on the monochromatic packaging, which will suit any décor. There’s nothing worse than a beautifully smelling candle that’s packaged in blue when your quilt covers are marle grey. You know exactly what I mean.

I’m really impressed by how long these candles burn for, which says nothing but great value. The candles are said to have a burning time of up to 50 hours. As you can tell from the before and after pictures, this is the result of around 7 hours of burning! Hardly a difference, amazing!!

I have burnt all 5 candles and must admit, the roasted coffee and chai latte are absolutely divine. If you’re into your warm, comforting and sweet fragrances, like I am, these are the ones for you! If you prefer something fresh and awakening, I definitely suggest the kiwi fruit.

I often find that some candles smell beautiful in the jar but lose the majority of their fragrance once burnt. Not only did these candles fill my home with a beautiful scent, the fragrance lasted long after I stopped burning them. That is amazing! I even mixed a few scents together, and I’d highly recommend it! The roasted coffee and vanilla were such a wonderful complement. I will say that these candles are quite strong, this is really dependent on the individual though. However in my eyes, this only means that you save product by burning them for a lesser amount of time.

The small 75g glass jar (Kiwi fruit) is $10.95 and the regular 155g glass jars are priced at $19.95 (amazing value!!) which make them the perfect gift for anyone who loves candles or anyone who has every candle on the planet and wants to try something new and exciting! Don’t forget to ask Kayla about her beautiful gift packaging labels and tags, she’ll make any gift look like they’re straight out of a Collins St boutique.

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So instead of recommending a brand you’re all  already familiar with, here’s something new to get you inspired and in support of upcoming Australian businesses!



  1. I came across Bombardier candles on your blog and instagram this week. They look fabulous, and I love the sound of the different scents. I have contacted Kayla to enquire into purchasing from the UK. I love candles and would love some of these in my home.

    1. I'm so happy to hear!! BD candles are so beautiful and I can't recommend them enough. Let me know which fragrances you choose!!
      X Vydia