Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Leather Pants

(Images sourced from Winston Wolfe)

These are the Winston Wolfe boyfriends for girlfriends leather pants. These are THE leather pants. I’ve had my eye on WW for a while now and decided to take the plunge and invest in some leather. Let’s face it, they’re the hottest.

I got these in a size 6 which provide the perfect combination of slouch and shape. And that’s something I absolutely love about these pants, the fit. It’s perfect. The leather is amazingly soft and comfortable but be warned, can get quite warm!  Up close you can see paneling around the waist and knee area, which adds so much more depth compared to other solid leather pants I’ve seen.

Photography by Abana Sohtra (instagram @asohtra)

I wore these out the other day with a very simple white full sleeve dipped hem top by Nicholas the label and my staple kicks for the season by Steve Madden. Overall, it was so casual but so thought out. And that’s what I love in an outfit. On the outset, it looked simple but only someone who knew their stuff would understand the thought behind the decisions. #deep

I defs recommend checking out the WW website if you’re in love with leather as much as I am! Can't wait to see what comes out in future collections. I’m thinking the quilted vest next…

If you’re into the whole leather pants idea right now but don’t want to head down to WW, I have tracked down some lovely leather I also like from Shakuhachi and ASOS. Hope this helps!


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