Thursday, 15 November 2012

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

I don’t believe in chain stores collaborating with fashion houses. It just doesn’t work. The exception: MMM for H&M. And this is not the first time H&M got it right. If you recall a couple of years ago, they teamed up with Lanvin to produce some truly amazing and decadent pieces. So I wasn’t expecting H&M to disappoint, nor was I expecting any miracles!

This collection was everything I expected it to be: structured, oversized, conservative and bold as hell.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection:

(1) Mirror Ball Leggings
Amazing! I’m almost instantaneously drawn to anything I can pair a plain long sleeve top with and kicks. This almost reminds me of a Sass and Bide number that was out a while ago, but less croc skinned.

(2) Invisible Wedge Ankle-boot
Just wow. Stop it. If I could get anything from this collection, this.

(3) Adjusted Biker Jacket
The structure and colour of this jacket is what makes it special. I’m a massive fan of emphasised shoulders, so I love the elevated shoulders on this jacket. I’d usually stay clear of coloured leather (I mean, why wouldn’t you want black everything?), but this beige leather seems to be an exception!

(4) Hitched Up Dress
This is one of the best-styled looks in the look book. This dress would look amazing on, and I can imagine it looking just as amazing even with sandals. Love the colour, love the asymmetry. Once again, black would’ve been nice!

(5) Oversized Pea Coat
This to me, is classic MMM. Oversized. Black. To be honest, I’d just want this to answer “Margiela” when someone asks what’s that jacket?

(All images sourced from Google)

Heres the link to the H&M website if you wanted to check out the full collection.

Although I wont be getting my hands on any of these pieces (maybe if I’m super keen on ebay!!), I cant wait for H&M to open its first store in Melbourne very soon. 

Let me know what your favourite pieces from the MMM for H&M collection are!


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