Sunday, 26 August 2012

This Past Week...

In my most current favourite form, instagram...

1. How flawless is this kitchen? #love #white #kitchen #interior #home #decor
It wont take long for you to discover that I love all aspects of interior design. This kitchen is on a level of amazing that only Brian Gluckstein himself could surpass. Here's why, if you eliminate the decor and appliances, the result will still resemble clean, fresh and inspiring. I love everything about this setting, including the crisp white ceramic contrasted against the dark wooden floors. This kitchen is definitely minimal and to an extent, industrial. Ultra modern. Keep your eye out for more design posts under the 'Lifestyle' category.

2. Loving my new metal cuffed #sandals #notevensummer #streetstyle #ootd #dolcevita
These pair of metal-cuffed sandals are simple, yet detailed enough to go with every one of my black on black on black outfits. My love for these sandals is currently outweighing the inconvenience that is a typical 15 degree Melbourne day.

3. Jewellery as decor #maxicolar #multicolour #statementnecklace
Using jewellery as decor is such a multifunctional idea. I'm currently using a multicoloured African tribal style maxicolar I bought from a recent trip to Bangkok on top of the books on my shelf. I'd recommend all these books as well.

4. Big Brother 2013 winner @monasukkar #besties #dreamhair
This is what we do at the university in between lectures. Always a highlight. Something that's equally highlighting my days currently is Big Brother AU.

5. Straight thug look for uni today #jcrew #topshop #tbyalexanderwang #ootd #streetstyle
I decided to wear a beanie to uni today despite my insistence that I looked like an A-grade thug. Because you know, all thugs wear leopard print scarves. I'll definitely do a separate post on this outfit with details.

6. Not black nails #blanc #essie
Not usually a massive fan of white nails. To be perfectly honest, it's a nightmare to apply if you don't have 5 hours to spare. This is 4 coats of Essie's Blanc and I'm happy it turned out fresh and clean against my tan skin. Seriously however, this is an activity best reserved for flights from Melbourne to Dubai. 

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Non Social Networker

I've always considered myself a non-social networker.

This is partly due to the overwhelmingly open nature of social networking sites, like facebook - how everyone was exposed to what you had to say without any bars as to who could (and most importantly, wanted to) hear it. There's this simple fact of life that not everything applies to everyone. And to be honest, it shouldn't. Especially when it comes to voicing an opinion. Your friends don't necessarily want to relinquish in the same love for Diptyque candles that you possess. However, viewers of this blog most likely might. As a result, I needed a more suitable means of social networking to channel everything that interests me to those who also share the same or similar interests. So when I decided to start a blog on all things a to z concerning me, this is exactly what I had in mind.

Welcome to V by Vydia Rishie, a creative platform for me to talk about all the things that I like. And to be honest, it's not going to get any deeper than that. I've divided my blog into 3 main categories: fashion, beauty and lifestyle which I hope to update on a frequent basis to keep you informed of all the things that form, what I believe to be, the current custom.